Low Cost Microsites

We realize not everyone needs a full-blown multipage, multifunction website. But in today's Internet-connected world everyone would benefit by having a web presence. In order to help create a presence that offers a unique branding opportunity and control over the presentation of content, we have developed 2 unique microsite packages.

Personal Business Cards

If you’re a professional, stand out with a custom website letting the world know who you are. Your site can provide links to any social media so you just have one address to give out instead of dozens. Cost: $225

Here are some examples. 




Organizational Business Card

An online presence helps customers find you. They just want to know what you do, your phone number, usual business hours, and address. Let them know. Cost: $300

Here's an example

Morse Media


Restaurant Site

This is essentially a WordPress site with a preset number of features all built into a single page that makes it quick and easy to create. But, because it is WordPress, you can login and make changes to the content such as menu items and descriptions. You get all this for a low cost of $450 which includes one year of web hosting. Here is our demo site:

Bob's Bistro

This site can include...

  • Banner image with logo or restaraunt name
  • Welcome/About Section
  • Featured Dish Section for up to 9 Dishes with 1 picture each*
  • Full Menu in text
  • Hours & Reservations
  • Contact Form
  • Reviews
  • Map & Directions
  • Grid of additional images without text

*We can expand upon any of these sections for an additional fee.